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Open Diagram is the definitive open source .net diagramming component library for the .Net framework winforms environment.

Use Open Diagram to add interactive data visualizations to your .net applications.

Knowledge of design patterns such as Model-View-Controller is highly recommended.

The latest version of the source is available from the Source Code tab. Examples are located in the Crainiate.Diagramming.Testing.Forms and the Crainiate.Diagramming.Examples.Forms projects.


Open Diagram is now fully open source using the permissive BSD licence.

Getting Started

View the videos showing how to open the Open Diagram solution in Visual Studio and run the examples and test forms:

Open Diagram June 2010 Part 1
Open Diagram June 2010 Part 2

Previous Versions

Version 4.1 of Open Diagram is now available in source control including examples and tutorial code.

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